Clinton, Trump Set to Deliver Debate History


Hillary Clinton’s goals are to prove herself affable, fend off stinging attacks by rapidly moving to offense and lay bait that entices her opponent into making a costly mistake.

Donald Trump needs to show commander-in-chief competence while prosecuting a tenacious case against the Democratic nominee. But he also must realize when a precarious moment requires restraint.

Monday’s first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump at Hofstra University in New York will mark the most important event of the 2016 campaign to date and likely draw a massive number of eyeballs that will shatter viewership records.

“It could be up around 100 million,” predicts GOP debate coach Brett O’Donnell on the event’s viewership. “The first 30 minutes of this debate could change the entire narrative of the entire campaign.”

The 90-minute face-off is garnering extraordinary attention given the high profiles of both polarizing combatants, the unpredictable nature of Trump’s antics and the surprisingly competitive state of the race with just over 40 days until the election.