Trump, Obama set to go after each other


President Obama is prepared to go after Donald Trump on the campaign trail — and vice-versa.

Responding to Obama’s attacks earlier in the day, Trump told backers on Wednesday that “this is a president who doesn’t have a clue” and he is prepared to make him a campaign issue.

“If he campaigns, that means I’m allowed to hit him, just like I hit Bill Clinton,” Trump said.

Not that Obama should be campaigning, Trump added: “He should go out and do the job that he’s supposed to be doing.”

Aides say Obama is eager to campaign, once the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders is finally settled.

The term-limited president sure sounded like a candidate during an economic speech in Elkhart, Ind. He repeatedly mocked Trump on items ranging from his proposed wall along U.S.-Mexico border to plans to roll back Wall Street regulations designed to prevent that kind of financial crisis that hit the nation in 2008.

“The notion that you would vote for anybody who would now allow them to go back to doing the same stuff that almost broke our economy’s back makes no sense,” Obama told a supportive crowd.

As he often does, Obama did not cite Trump by name, referring to him only as the Republican Party’s candidate.

Appearing later on a PBS-sponsored town hall in Elkhart, Obama explained that “he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name.”